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We proudly present the long awaited website of Heinz Stücke, the most travelled man on earth. Heinz almost 71 years old has just finished his journey from San Salvador in Brazil to Alaska. This was the first journey for which he used a Brompton folding bike. Although he initially planned to use the Brompton only in the US, Heinz didn’t changed it back and completed the 10.000 kms through Alaska, Canada and the US without any problem.

Randy Neufeld, director of the SRAM Fund held a party for Heinz at his home to raise some money. Heinz flew back from Chicago to Paris to plan his next journey.

Heinz will cycle to Barcelona this week to visit Bike Tech and to add some more kilometers to the already impressive 20.000 kms this year.

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2 Responses to “Website Heinz Stücke”

  1. Mathias Nachbur Says:

    Dear Heinz,
    I crossed your path in Northern Canada in August 2010 on your attempt to cycle the Dempster Hwy. In our brief encounter I didn’t realize your relevance to the world cycling community and as a novice I didn’t know you at that time. On my further trip I met a lot of people on two wheels who were familiar with your name. Inspired by your trips I decided to enlarge my travel and to cycle through Asia and Middle East back home to Switzerland. I wish you all the luck in the world to realize your dreams. Safe travels!
    Greetings Mathias

  2. Bike-Tech Says:

    Hello Mathias, thanks for your comments. Heinz is in Barcelona right now where we prepared his bike for next adventure, a trip around the world to visit remote islands. Regards, Koos / Bike Tech SL

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